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MOONIE is the only humming toy with the highest quality natural pink noise, not computer generated. Due to the fact that the sound of the heartbeat is a real recording from inside the mother's belly, the baby can calm down and feel safe with the already well-known sound. The sound of sea waves was recorded by the Baltic Sea, and the sounds of a forest stream in Tarach.

MOONIE is the only humming toy with a built-in lamp, which helps with the night care of the child, and helps the older one overcome the fear of the dark.

MOONIE is the only humming toy that is charged via a USB cable (included with the toy) and does not require the purchase of additional batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Teddy bears from the MOONIE ORGANIC collection are the only humming toys made of organic cotton with a GOTS certificate.

How long does MOONIE play the sound?

The sound of Humming bunny and MOONIE teddy bear always fade away after 30 minutes and automatically go into 3-hour standby mode, during which the intelligent cry sensor is activated. The activated function of the intelligent cry sensor ensures the baby's peaceful sleep. As soon as the baby wakes up and starts crying, the humming MOONIE bunny triggers a safe, natural pink noise and soothes the baby. The baby's crying triggers the last selected hum for another 30 minutes, then the cycle repeats.


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